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Custom Fiberglass Products

OFP has been manufacturing fiberglass products since 1995. If you need open molding, we can help make the right product for you. OFP has the experience and the knowledge of molding processes to create any type of part from custom fiberglass molding.

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In-House Mold Shop

OFP has a long history of working with fiberglass and expanding our manufacturing capacity and capabilities and develop new products. A vital part of this process is the fabrication of molds for fiberglass fabrication. To serve this need, OFP maintains a complete staff of highly skilled mold fabricators in U.S.

Open Mold

Open mold is a fast way to develop a product because the process is simple and relatively low cost. There are several different methods to the molding process. The first is hand lay-up which is used in low-volume production of large products and components. The next is spray-up which offers greater shape complexity for a faster production and development. Spray-up uses a low-cost open mold, curing resin at room temperature and is ideal for development of large parts such as walk-in bathtubs, showers and travel trailers. Chopped fiber reinforcement and catalyzed resin are set in the mold from a chopper spray gun.

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OFP is specializing in precision thermoforming, a plastic manufacturing that converts a plastic sheet into a finished product. There is less tool investment than other molding processes. The vacuum forming is a simple technique where a hot sheet is stretched over a mold and vacuum is applied to the sheet and mold, this pulls the sheet tight to the mold. OFP is an expert in manufacturing these custom thermoformed plastic trays for many products which include trays, walk-in bathtub doors and travel trailer components.

Steel and Aluminum Fabrication

OFP specializes in the fabrication of stainless steel and aluminum products and services. We combine engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide a wide range of fabrication capacity at low and competitive prices. OFP is your single source for custom steel and aluminum fabrication.

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Injection Molding

OFP has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, offering high-quality, low-cost solutions. With our competitive pricing, we offer you the opportunity for leveraging the benefits associated with using a domestic manufacturer.

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