Walk-In Tubs, Fiberglass Showers and Travel Trailers

Walk-In Tubs

The addition of the glass fibers greatly add to the compressive strength and tensile of the base, unreinforced resin; allowing fiberglass to rival or exceed the comparative strengths of steel.

  • walk in bathtub
  • walk-in tubs
  • walk-in showers
  • walk-in shower

Fiberglass Showers

The home construction industry is ever changing and evolving. OFP strives to innovate their process and fiberglass shower products to keep right in step with new construction and remodeling needs. Our sense of style appeals to the homeowner.

Travel Trailers

Oliver Fiberglass Products (OFP) Company designs and manufactures Oliver Travel Trailers. It is one of several product lines produced at the OFP plant. The Oliver family wanted to build a unit that would last them and their families for years to come.

  • 18 and 23 foot travel trailers
  • travel trailers inside luxury rv

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